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    i live in SC and in a few weeks im goin to NY for a week. ive never traveled this far or this long with elmo before. she will b staying in a big tub, ill have her uvb light and heat light and heat pad (which i prolly wont use). im goin to get her an electric blanket for the 14 hr ride there and back. help? any ideas...
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    I haven't traveled with mine, depending on how long I'm gone I'll either leave them alone, have someone check in on them or board them some where. Some shops and Vet hospitals board exotics. Actually I take that back, when I moved from Colorado to Nevada I drove and had Spaz with me in a bin with no problems. Like I mentioned in another thread just skip feeding for a few days before then the day of, offer a heavy meal like whole prey. Then your tegu will spend most of the time if not the whole trip sleeping and lounging around while it digests. If you use a heating blanket or pad check to see what the lowest temp is. Depending on the temps when you travel you may not even need it. Also if you haven't got one already a harness and leash will come in handy if she gets antsy in the bin.
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