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Thread: How to get tegu to eat outside of enclosure?

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    Question How to get tegu to eat outside of enclosure?

    So my baby red flux refuses to eat outside of his enclosure since the day I got him. Does anyone have any ways for me to ease him to eat in a feeding bin? I have tried putting all his favorite foods and even covering the bin with a towel but it doesn't seem to help. He will just keep scratching to get out. With the research I have done on this it says it mostly is a problem when they are small and can outgrow this, is that true? I remember when I was researching for a tegu it said feeding in the enclosure is fine as long as they are being handled more than they are being fed, but I'm still in the trust process with him and he is VERY skittish. Any ideas/input?

    Thanks in advanced!
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    I take my girl in the bathroom and shut the door and lay on the floor. I put her food on the ground she seems to Like to walk around before eating. I give her a soak then I Put her on the floor with a food dish.
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    herpgirl does basically the same thing i did...mine did this for a while too so i put him in the bathtub ( he is familiar with it cuz he gets bathed daily) and he would eat there then immediately after hes done he poops in the bathtub i turn on the shower and it cleans it all up.

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