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Thread: Starting a roach colony

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    Default Starting a roach colony

    Looking to start a Dubia roach colony for a hatchling tegu I plan on getting. I think I will buy from because there prices seem to be the best. Has anyone used them before? Also I was wondering what size would be best to buy for feeding in a week or two and for them to start breeding fairly soon. Looking to spend around $60.

    Also I don't really want to buy a starter kit from a different person because most of them overcharge. I don't need the 'roach chow' they are able to eat almost anything.. And I don't need to pay for the egg crates they are easy to come by. I just want to know if I were to buy from which size roaches will be able to reproduce and if none of those ones are able to how long before you think they can?
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    i go to they are great never had a bad order and give you 15% extra roaches plus free shipping great prices too

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    The roaches I got from ABDragons have been great so far, only a few DOA and well packed and priced. Haven't worked with any other sites so I couldn't say if they're the best.
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    Default Starting a roach colony

    I am looking to start a roach colony as a means to compost food waste, and i was wondering to what extent dubia roaches will be able to do that job...

    I found a nice article about a guy who uses red runners, and he says they will eat literally anything, including meat and dairy, and they produce amazing fertilizer in the process.

    so i was wondering if dubia roaches are at all capable of the same thing, being as they are not an invasive species i think i would prefer to have them.

    i raise quail and some chickensand am thinking about getting some reptiles again so they will be used for feed, composting, and fertilizer production.

    If anyone has any information on this subject please help me out
    Thanks in advance

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    I never heard anything of Roaches being used for composting. I use earth worms for that.
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