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Thread: Cat food or no?

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    Default Cat food or no?

    I've recently inherited a colony of dubia roaches and have a couple questions.

    1. I've heard that some use cat food as a diet supplement but I have also heard that that isn't good for a tegu. Are there other alternatives? If not, then how exactly is the cat food prepared (I was told to grind it up)?

    2. The water crystals I picked up from my local reptile shop has calcium in it. They told me that it would make the roaches not molt, but that it was okay if they are feeder roaches. Is this actually okay or was I told wrong?

    3. I don't have any tape around the top or my bin, should I add some to keep the babies from climbing out, or is that not necessary? I haven't had any escape yet.

    4. Lastly, I live in MD and the temperatures are down low right now and humidity here is pretty high usually. If some of my roaches were to escape into my house, would they reproduce and would I have a problem?

    Any help is appreciated. Thank you

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    1. There are so many cat food varieties available that there is no straight answer to this question. I don't mind using cat food if it is made from whole animals and contains no starchy filler (flour, corn, soy, etc.) Be very picky about quality and cat food is ok in small amounts. I use it to make other foods (vegetables mostly) more palatable. It should not make up a large part of the diet - tegus do not need as much protein as a cat.

    2. Water crystals are a bad idea no matter what. I cannot think of one single good application for them. They collect bacteria like crazy if you don't replace them daily. What a waste of money. The best thing to feed dubias is chopped over-ripe vegetables and fruit mixed with oats, bran, etc.

    3. Dubias cannot climb smooth surfaces - but keep a lid on them in case the container gets knocked over.

    4. I would imagine that dubias would reproduce just fine in your house - don't let them loose - when feeding them out make sure that escapes are not possible.


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