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    Okay, I don't have much experience with geckos. I have worked with crested geckos in the pet store I worked at and I have looked at them on like YouTube, but I'm trying to talk my boyfriend out of a juvenile one and its not working... Is there any insider advice or things I should about this animal? Do they get stressed out by a cage that's too big or too litte? I know the temp should be about 70-80 and the humidity should be at about 80%. I know they can live off the gecko feed but crickets and bugs won't hurt. They don't need UV but it wouldn't hurt. And I should use a blue night light for heat and lighting because they don't like the light over head. And the acclimation process is awful. Is this right? I gathered all this one a couple different websites and on YouTube. Like I said, I have never owned geckos, I've just worked with them once or twice at the pet store. Anybody who owns one maybe can give me an insight on your everyday gecko activity?? Anything would be helpful (:

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    I'm a new member here. I am no expert, but I have had a Crested Gecko for about 6 months and I now have a yearling Tegu that I have had for about a month. The Crested is a ridiculously sweet and tame creature. my 4-year old daughter has claimed it as hers and she handles it all the time in the way a 4 year old would. He doesn't run, doesn't really jump, unless you are challenging him with a place to jump to nearby. Its about the easiest pet I could imagine to have, and I am very glad we have him. As for activity. it hides during the day, comes out at night. however, seems just fine if you wake it up to take it out of the tank. And when I say "hides", it tends to sleep in plain sight, so you can at least always look at it. its really only active if you give it something to eat like crickets. if you have it eat its little Crested Gecko mix, I swear, you will never see it eating at all and will fear it is starving. but with Crickets, it enjoys chasing them down. Great pet, but doesn't satisfy me the way the Tegu does...

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    Hi 99999. Welcome to our Tegu forum family and thank you for sharing your story. What kind of Tegu do you have ?
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