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Thread: Getting my first Tegu next week

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    Default Getting my first Tegu next week

    I just bought my first tegu from Teguterra yesterday. I bought a regular black& white. I am going to be able to pick it up within a week. I felt weird paying before I even visited, but that's how he runs things. I did a lot of researching here and on the web before taking the plunge. If he didn't have such a great reputation, I would have been leery. As it is, I'm just excited! Luckily the best tegu breeder I can find anywhere lives just an hour from me. No shipping stress!

    I am going to use this thread to ask questions while I get his tank ready during the next few days.

    First: Should I put the tank in the living room so the guy can get used to people and noise (we have a noisy home), or should I put it in a nice quiet room?

    Also, Mr. Larocca says he can sex hatchlings with a high degree of accuracy. Do any of you guys have an opinion on what sex I should get? Or are they pretty much the same aside from size and jowls? My family is divided on the issue.

    Is there any difference in temperament between b&w's, blues, reds, and hybrids? I know the Colombians are feisty, which is why I ruled them out. Also, can someone explain to me just what a "majestic" is?

    I am sure I will come up with a few more questions soon. Thanks in advance.

    I will be posting pics when I get ' em!
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    Congrats on purchasing a new Tegu from Teguterra! You have a great tegu on the way.

    If you get a chance take a few pics while at Teguterra, it would be great to see more pics of his collection.

    Lets try and get some of your questions answered.

    Noisy or Quiet? Probably depends on what you mean by noisy, and also depends on the temperament/personality of your new tegu.
    Being around people, and motion has the benefit that its a common event, and not something they should be afraid of. As long as they have sufficient bedding to burrow in, and places to hide if they want some alone time, i'd say a reasonably trafficked area is ok.

    Male or Female? Probably depends on what your goals/desires for owning a Tegu are. If you are looking for a bigger animal, than a nice male with big jowls might be right up your alley. Though a nice female still gets a good size and are striking animals in their own right. If you think you might want to breed them later on down the line, I'd go for a female first so you can get a jump start raising her up, then get a male later.

    What type of tegu?
    I think that you will be very happy with any of the ones that you have listed above. I'm more of a pure-breed type of guy, but some of the hybrids do look pretty amazing. I think if you want a slightly smaller tegu, then the blues would be good, though they normally are a little more expensive.

    Whats a majestic?
    Another thread here discussing it:
    Link from that thread with info on the majestic :

    Feel free to search around the forums, there is a lot of great questions and answers on here.

    And feel free to ask anything else you want.

    Looking forward to seeing the pics!
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    I was planning on asking Mr. Larocca if he'd let me take pictures. If he has any reservations, though, I won't push it.

    By loud, I mean I have 4 kids ranging from 8-21. None of them are particularly loud, but it is rare for it to be silent around here for about 14 hours out of the day.

    Thanks for the info, and the links!


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