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    Hey guys!

    So it's been awhile since i've been on this page. Just wanted to give an update on some of my reptiles and living situation. I have now been living in Florida for about a year now. I love it out here. Very peaceful. I do miss my family back in Nyc though I go to go visit in july for two weeks. Was hard saying goodbye all over again. This move was definitely something I needed and I don't regret it.

    Sad to say iris the little redtail boa I picked up when I first moved out here passed away. I tried very hard to get her back to health. She did gain a bit of weight but she was just to far gone. She was few weeks old barley eating I tried assisting at time but in the end wasn't meant to be It really broke my heart.

    All the other snakes are doing great growing fast. Moving them to a bigger snake rack soon. I ended up rescuing a ball python. The owner had passed away and the family didn't want to keep it. When I first got it was in pretty bad shape. Had a bad case of scale rot and its tail was deformed from a past injury. She's now all healed up. As for her tail nothing I can do must have broken it as a baby but shes healthy. I confirmed it's a female. I believe shes a few years old pretty big python. I named her brownie because of her color and she is a very sweet snake. Very happy to have taken her in.

    I had also entered into a contest from youtube for Underground reptiles. I had to draw a tattoo for one of the cast members and since I'm a tattoo artist myself I thought I might have had an advantage. I ended up winning a baby pinstripe crested gecko. Before they had sent it to me they told me it dropped it's tail either take it as is or wait until another gecko was born. Of course I didn't want to wait. He's an adorable little gecko. I named him/er Nugget.

    My tegu Thor turned a year old in July. He's getting so big. little over 37 inches and around 6 pounds. I had taken him to the vet because he was having issues shedding his tail. Vet gave me some advice and some pills just incase what I was doing didn't work to prevent infection. Vet said he's in perfect health Thor didn't enjoy the vet one bit.

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