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    So Ivr been seeing his poops and i've yet to even see a good sized urate. I've been giving him daiy baths in case he is but if he's dehydrated should I take him to a vet? His poops are huge but the urates are the size of my baby leos. His stomach looks huge but he may just be fat. I'm not sure but I'm worried. He always dumps over his water bowl. Advice?

    I'm sorry I'm constantly posting things, he's just my first argentine and the first tegu I'm raising so I'm nervous. Also, he tried to eat my silicone pawpad after he had just finished eating. Do they just randomly eat things they find that will fit in their mouths? If so, how do people let them free roam?
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    First I would like to say to please never be sorry for posting to much or being worried. You should of seen me when we got our first Tegu ( Leonidas ) lol. I know how you feel. Don't worry you are doing a good job by caring about him this much .

    Yes, some of them do eat anything they can find. We had a female blue/red hybrid Tegu who wanted to eat the metal screws of the vents. Or the duct tape of the bin ( it was on the other side lol ). One day she did get impacted. She ate a rubber cap of a metal spring door stopper. It took her a month to poop it out ( lots of vet visits ). Other Tegus don't try to eat everything just want to get into holes or places where it's hard for you to find them. I love little kids so I hope I don't come out the wrong way with this. If I am I'm sorry. But Tegus are like toddlers lol.

    Now to his water bowl. I'm sorry I don't remember how big he is :( . If he is still very small you can get a ceramic water dish ( like for a big dog ) and put it all the way on the bottom of the enclosure. This way he can't dig underneath it and get hurt. It's also to heavy to tip it over. If he is bigger you can get a cat litter bin. Just put enough water in it so it comes up to his chest.

    We have five Tegus. Some of their urates are bigger than others. If you are worried about him being dehydrated you can give him some pedialyte diluted with some water. The pedialyte has some electrolytes in it to help with the hydration. Most of the time when Tegus take a bath and they are dehydrated they will drink the bath water. Please feel free to ask as much as you like. This is what we are here for.
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