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    I'm just updating my precious tegu's progress. He's stopped biting me when I get him out to feed him. He will actually climb up onto my gloved hands. He is officially 2'6" now and I have no idea on age unfortunately. Still no idea on if he's a giant or a normal; I attached a picture of the top of his head because supposedly you can tell by the head shape. If anyone can tell the difference, I'd love to know. I'm trying to figure out who I can go to to find out his gender as well. I don't plan on breeding him because I doubt his previous owner allowed him to hibernate, I'm just curious. He is still relentlessly curious and explorative. My baby bearded dragon tried to attack him through my beardie's cage (he is about 4 inches long haha). My cat is getting along fine with him under my watch. He still is having a small amount of urate and a huge amount of brown poop. He is loving his daily baths as well.9889_4678048567470_794364205_n.jpg

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    Seems to be a normal argentine to me but I'm pretty sure there are others who can also give a bit of input bedsides me but either way keep up the good work!
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    I'm glad to hear that he isn't biting any more. From the photo it looks like a regular b/w. But look under the chin. If it's a chacoan/extreme giant then you can see a big black V underneath the chin. How are things going ?
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