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    Red face

    I ordered a Light fixture from and then a few days later i get a phone call from the person who owns the website/company "Todd" saying that he is very sorry that he hasn't shipped out my light fixture (it had only been like 2 days..1 of those being a weekend, so i wasn't even really worried at all) he said that there was a death in the family and that things were very crazy...i informed him that i was in no hurry at all and that i was sorry for his loss..he then said that for my patience he was going to throw in something extra...I'm supposed to get my lights tomorrow so i will see what my extra gift is....

    regardless i think this just shows you how dedicated this man is to his business and i would have no hesitation in ordering from him in the future. actually taking the time to call his customers and let them know what's going on says alot...anyway 5 stars!! lol

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    This was so nice of Todd to do. This is very rare. Thank you for sharing. Hope you will like your gift.
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    I'm waiting on mine to come soon as well. Initially the tracking said tomorrow but now says Tuesday. No biggie, I have no lizards nor cage yet but I'm about to start building here soon. I'm ordering up supplies as I go. Another whole month to go yet, seems like forever! I'm positive it will be well worth the wait though.
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    His packaging is really good as well


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