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Thread: My Tegu Enclosure (Pic Heavy

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    Cool My Tegu Enclosure (Pic Heavy

    So im days away from getting my im gonna show you guys what i made. its a 6x3x2 should be good for the first few years...i have a mistking system. a Humidifier fitted with some pipes to pump in some fog. on the left side there is an L shaped hide that has a hole cut into the back where the fog from the humidifier pumps into to keep it extra humid. on the right there are 3 Para20 flood lamps pointing down on 4 pieces of slate rock keeping his basking spot around 100-110. the cool side is about 78. everything is on a timer.. and when ever the Humidity drops below 75% the Humidifier turns on to keep things in check....the Substrate is a mixture of 4 different stuff....cyprus mulch being the bulk of it...there is a 4 foot t-5 light fixture with Arcadia bulbs...there is also one ceramic bulb hooked up to a thermostat keeping the tank warm and dropping in temp at night...

    anyway i hope you guys like the pics.

    Dont mind the kid crying...haha this is a video of everything in motion!!

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    Looks great!!!!! Your all setup and ready to go!
    1.0 Blue Tegu

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    There is no room to burrow, I dont think you quite thought that one through. These animals sleep underground bro... I have a foot and a half ofburrow space, I would have preferred 2 ft but it wouldnt have fit through my front door at that point...

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    there is a foot of substrate, and his hide box is completely covered and full allowing him to dig into it.

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    What are you using to control the humidity levels automatically? the box looks pretty shallow, in fact I can see the hide box connecting to it I just don't see a foot?

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    Default My Tegu Enclosure (Pic Heavy

    How about a compliment for a well done cage RickyNo?

    Cage looks great man.


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    OK so not exactly a foot I just measured it at 9 1/2 I'll have to add some more tomorrow. The Hide is filled tho with 11 inches. The tank is controlled by a product from zoo med it controls temp n humidity...I've been running the tank empty and it's done a very good job.

    And thank you MKrizzz

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    Looks great does look good and nice wiring job btw

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    I put a nice coat of fiberglass resin in his burrowing area. Trying my best to keep this wood completly safe. Project still on going though .


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