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Thread: Iguanas and cage humidity

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    Can an adult iguana be in a 'barred' cage that is not a enclosure? Saw one for sale a zoo med, wire thing, 50 inches high 36 wide and 18 deep, a friend needs one, but says it wont work, that is not appropriate for an iguana( he has a yearling). what are your thoughts?

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    Im from sweden so i dont realy know what you mean, can you post picture example of what you mean ?
    I got two iguanas(1 adult, 1 still juvenile) so i maybe can help

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    A screen enclosure is ok for iquanas providing that one can still accommodate the correct environmental conditions, however a cage that size is pretty useless for a full time enclosure for an iguana. It will outgrow it in no time if the animal is being appropriately cared for.


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