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    I need some help. I got what I thought was a b&w tegu by rescue. (txrepgirl id'd it as a Columbia) I found him outside a customers house on a 50 degree morning. After better than a week of sleeping, he is finally starting to be active, moving around his enclosure and playing in his water. The problem is, I can't get him to eat ANYTHING. I have tried mice, thawed and warmed as instructed by the reptile guy at the local exotic pet store, warmed hamburger (I didn't have any turkey), apples, lettuce, cat food, strawberries, hard boiled eggs, tomatoes.
    Every time we take him out of his enclosure he does "use the bathroom". When I rescued him I don't know how long he ha been outside or the last time he ate. He is approximately 3ft tip to tip and looks fairly healthy. My wife and I are just getting very worried that he still wont eat.
    His weight looks ok to me, ribs aren't showing abnormally, hips aren't sticking out, thighs look meaty. I would love to take him to a vet but I don't know any in the area that are familiar with exotics, and he was already an unexpected expanse, (Zoo-med tortoise house, UVB light, basking light, undercage heat pad, bedding, etc, over $200) so it'll be a couple weeks before I can afford the vet trip.

    Anyone have any advice on favorites that will entice him to eat? Also, any advice on housing, temps, etc would be amazing or good sites to visit. I got so much conflicting info from various sites it is ridiculous.

    the pic in the green bucket is from rescue morning. the other 2 are from this evenings bonding and free roam (his first)
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    he is probably used to live food so why don't you go that route!

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    I know this caresheet is mentioned to be for a Argentine Tegu. But you can use it on your Columbian also. The only difference is that some Columbians don't eat fruits and veggies and some do. I recommend using a bulb that has heat, UVA/UVB in one. Your Tegu will benefit the most from it. You also can try to give him some of the carnivore care. I used it before and I love it. Maybe your Tegu is not used to you watching him eat. Try to put him into the bath tub or a bin. Put the food in there first then your Tegu. Step back to where he can't see you. After he feels safe and calms down he might start to eat ( it worked with some of my Tegus when we first got them ). I also wouldn't give him anything that is to cold ( right out of the fridge ). How do you warm up the meat ? What are the basking temps ? You might have to higher the temps to get his metabolism going.
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    I think your he is a she. Colombians can be sensitive to stress and relocation and stop eating. This one looks to be in good shape so I wouldn't be overly concerned with not eating right away. I like to keep my Colombians evenly warm. I keep the nighttime and cool side at 77 in the summer, 70-75 in the winter. The warm side I keep at 80-85 year round. The basking spot is set for 110-115 surface temperatures. This is not a set in stone temperature rule, just what I choose to do with mine. I also like to use PowerSun or natural sunlight to stimulate Vit D production and appetite.

    Mine like just about anything dipped in raw egg yolk. You can try a defrosted small mouse dipped in egg and see if she'll go for that.
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