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Thread: Thread for my pair of Blue Tegus

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    Default Thread for my pair of Blue Tegus

    I have had a male blue tegu for about a year and a month or two now. He's awesome and very gorgeous as most of you guys know. However, there was always one thing missing from his life hahaha. That thing is a female, which I bought from a lady down in Socal. She's a bit rough(bad past) but is pretty good looking and very tame. Here are pics of the happy couple.
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    Wow. She is very beautiful . Congrats on your new addition. Thank you for posting the photos.
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    What's the back story on the girl?
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    Came in to LLLreptile as a yearling. Lady I got her from got her from there. She's 2-3 years old. Had a rough start but is healthy now.


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