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Thread: Whats the difference between these two tegus?

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    Default Whats the difference between these two tegus?

    I was into getting a black and white Tegu but they cost a fortune here in Sweden.. The "golden" Tegu was much cheaper. Whats the main difference between them and other tegus also? Im taking about behavior, size etc.


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    Hi progrmor. Welcome to our Tegu forum family. The gold and the black and white Tegus are from Columbia. They are much cheaper and they don't get as big. If you get a hatchling that Tegu can become very tame, too, with a lot of handling. They also don't hibernate and some of them don't like to eat fruits and veggies like the Argentine Tegus do. Now there also is a black and white Argentine Tegu. Here are the differences in the black and white Argentine and the Columbian Tegu.

    Argentine Tegu:

    Leonidas taking a bath photo SS851974.jpg

    Columbian Tegu: When you click on this link you have to wait a few seconds until the right photo comes up.

    This is the difference between them two:

    The Argentine has two:

    The Columbian has one :
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