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Thread: Sexing and growth rate?

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    Smile Sexing and growth rate?

    Hi all, I picked up a black and white from a reptile shop in Long Beach. The girl there claimed that he was probably around 7 months, although I doubt that.

    Anyway, seems very healthy and active with a good appetite. Since I got him a month ago he has gone from 15 to 17.5 inches! Any guesses to the age/sex of this little guy? I've named him/her Pepper. Thanks
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    whoops forgot a face pic!!

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    Hi fancyfish24. Welcome to our Tegu forum family. I'm sorry for the very late reply. How is your Tegu doing ? Do you know yet if it's a he or she ? Can you feel a bump/bead one on each side of the vent ? If yes then you have a male. He/she is very cute.
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