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Thread: To frame or not to frame?

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    So I have been contemplating getting another tegu. I already have a 6x3 for my 2012 female and am interested in building a 8x3 for hopefully a male. I would want to use better plywood this time like birch to make it look a little nicer and I plan on putting the 6x3 on top of it. My question is should I use 1/2" plywood and frame it in with 2x2's, or can I just use 3/4" and not have a frame? I feel the frame will add extra weight and may be not be needed due to the thicker wood.

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    My guess would be it would depend on the weight of the enclosure you plan on putting on top of it. I have a plywood enclosure that is 8 x 4 x 4 that probably weighs over 500lbs. it has no frame, but I put 400lbs of substrate into it. If you just put newspaper for substrate and not many heavy decorations, then I would say yeah you probably could go with just plywood, no frame, if you build it correctly. but if your upper cage has any weight to it, I would definitely do some sort of small frame at the least. You wouldn't want to risk it, come home one day and it finally just collapsed. Just my two cents.


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