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Thread: Columbian B&W Rescued in PA

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    Default Columbian B&W Rescued in PA

    Long story short was given a small columbian to see if I could save him.
    He was twitching wouldnt eat and very weak. Put him in a 10 gallon(now in a 40 breeder) with paper towels to start and he didnt eat for 3 months. I just recently gave him some cypress mulch to burrow in and suddenly he is eating again and like a wolf!!

    He clears out his dubia dish in nano seconds and is waiting for more. He also loves him some fuzzy mice too!

    Now onto the questions...
    1. How often is it alright to feed fuzzies?

    2. He seems to want to eat all time. I feed him as much as he will take in one helping but 2 hours later he is ready to go again. Is this normal?

    3. Ive been told he is a year and half old. He's only about 16 inches long if that. How big should he be?

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