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Thread: Rescued red tegu

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    Default Rescued red tegu

    DSCF0890 - Copy.jpgDSCF0890 - Copy.jpgDSCF0891.jpgDSCF0892.jpgDSCF0893.jpgDSCF0906.jpgDSCF0890 - Copy.jpgDSCF0890 - Copy.jpgDSCF0891.jpgDSCF0892.jpgI rescued a red Tegu ,the age is unknown and i am not sure if it is a male or female ,it has femoral pores and i do not feel the bb's/ bumps can anyone in the forum tell from the pictures if it male or female DSCF0906.jpgDSCF0890 - Copy.jpgDSCF0890 - Copy.jpgDSCF0891.jpgDSCF0892.jpg

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    Hi carr65. Welcome to our Tegu forum family and congrats on your new Tegu. He/she is very good looking. How long from snout to tail tip is he/she ? Your Tegu might still be a bit to young to tell if it's a male or female. Do you know if he/she hibernated ? I'm so sorry for taking so long to reply.
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