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Thread: Tegu Vivarium 4X8X4

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    @eric zukowski. Thanks! Ive never been to the national zoo, but I'm sure its awesome!

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    Walls are finally up. Plumbing almost finished. Drain through the false bottom into a pan world 150 and is pumped through an ocean clear 375 UV filter then pumped up braided vinyl tubing into the waterfall. Walls are fiberglass panels bought from an amazing artist/sculptor Forest Boone Need to hook up pump and filter, fill with gravel and add coconut husk.

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    Finally here! Named him LokiYako. Norse God of mischief+ Argentine tribe word for "leather handbag"
    Mischievous leather handbag lol
    Eating his eggs, grapes and turkey already

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    Guess I haven't updated this in a while.

    Heres a pic of the finished vivarium

    The girlfriend for scale :P

    Dude loves chilling out while I work

    Loki testing his "fence"

    Night time

    Loki Being dumb

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