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Thread: when to feed your new baby tegu?

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    Default when to feed your new baby tegu?

    is it ok to feed my tegu in his enclosure for the 1st week or two. or is it ok to pick him up put him in a tub to feed him.

    is it ok to take him out of or wake him up from his hide to feed him. I ask this know its not a good thing to take them out of he hide but ive seen him start to bed down at 3pm-4pm and on my days off that's find but the days I work I don't get home till 4:30pm so I just wanted to know.

    I got my tegu 6/2/2014 Tuesday so far he is pretty tame other then a tail whip here or there. he loves my shirt that I put in his enclosure he sleeps in them lol so he knews my smell means safe just needs to get use to my hands. but Im not sure if its ok to pick him up or not for feeding so any help this im glad to hear it XD
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    A 2 week settling in period with minimal handling is sometimes recommended but you're past that so go for it.
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    They don't need to eat every day, but they can and will if given the opportunity. Depending on how fast you want him/her to grow should give you some idea on how often to feed them. They are opportunistic omnivores, meaning that they will eat as much as they can whenever they can. It's not the best thing to do to take them out of their hides, because supposedly it can make them trust you less. But I don't really notice that being a problem with my boy. Picking him up for feeding is fine, but don't let him associate your hand with food. Always use tongs, or bring him to the food. Do not bring the food to him. And I would highly recommend feeding him outside his enclosure. Hope this helps

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    I started to feed and handle all of our Tegus from day one. Some ate right away and some didn't eat until a few days later when I first got them. When Tegus are under a year old I would feed them every day until they are full. Sometimes they don't eat every day because they are still full, are going to shed or are shedding at that time and when they are going into hibernation. Sometimes they don't eat something because they don't like it. I don't recommend feeding a Tegu inside the enclosure. They can get impacted. I learned that the hard way with our first Tegu in 07. I used my shirt trick ( video below ) from day one on all of our Tegus and they became very tame very fast.

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