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    I've never been brave enough to try breeding pets (and I don't have the space, or need for more than one pet, either). But I have the most gorgeous, tame, black-nosed Argentinian male, and he is been all in heat and whatnot as it is springtime. I was wondering, in the same way they do with dogs, is there a way I could find a breeder with females that could borrow a "stud" tegu? I think he would make some excellent offspring, and I also feel like he deserves to fulfill his animal needs. But I don't exactly know of any tegu "hookup" websites!

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    tegu "hookup" websites!
    got to say that is funny.

    ive never breed tegus but I have breed retic's. yes both are no where in the same ballpark but they wer a handful I have to say. my retic is a female and she gets a bit moody around that time in the year. I don't know how tegus get that time of the year or around another male/female tegu so good luck
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