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Thread: Long distance heat throw

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    I am currently trying to figure out what my best bulb option is for hitting 100-110 degree basking temperature from 3 feet away. I believe halogens are the hottest per watt. Are there any specialty bulbs anyone is aware of for this? I already have tried 375 watt infrareds. Thanks!

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    There is probably not a single bulb that will do what you are asking, especially if you have already tried a 375 W. I would try a combination of 2 bulbs, probably 175 W halogens (I agree that they are hottest per watt) or something in that range. The closer the bulbs are to each other, the hotter the temperature will be in their area of overlap. If it turns out that they don't need to be very close together to get your desired temperature then that is a bonus, you get a larger basking zone.


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