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Thread: Why is she trying to bite me?

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    Default Why is she trying to bite me?

    I've had my tegu for a few years now and she's never tried to bite me. Recently she's become more aggressive. It seems to happen at random. The first time I was laying down next to her and she bit me on the face. Not aggressively, it was a very small bite and only cause a cut the size of a shaving cut. Just now though she started aggressively trying to bite me. Jumping at my hands with her mouth open. My hands were empty and I don't hand feed her. It's not reactionary either, so it's not like I'm annoying her and she responds. It seems more like her tongue starts flicking in and out and she decides I smell tasty. After trying for my hands she started "hunting" my toes.

    Any idea where this behavior would come from and how to curb it?

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    Hello, Legion.

    This sounds like puberty to me! I have not owned a Tegu before, but I have read a lot about Tegus becoming more aggressive during this time. Hopefully someone with first hand experience on this will post to this thread, someone who knows more than just reading about it.


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