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Thread: Hey everyone. General questions about Tegu care.

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    Default Hey everyone. General questions about Tegu care.

    Hello everyone,

    I have a few questions about what to do for a newly purchased tegu. First off, is it important to take a new tegu to a Herp vet immediately, or would it be okay without immediate vet care?
    Also, does anyone have reviews on reptaid being used on a new animal to insure the overall health of the animal? If anyone has experience, what was it like? I have used reptaid on a bearded dragon for mouth rot, and it worked wonderfully, but would it work the same for a kind of "quarantine" like treatment?
    In other words, if reptaid works, should it be given to a be tegu?

    Thank you everyone.


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    Always a good idea for health checks with new pets. Especially to rule out things like parasites (fecals) or anything else that you may not notice that could be an issue. I used rept-aide some years back with my first tegu Spaz when she went down hill. Using it as a temporary supplement should be fine.
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