Went to the Atlanta Repticon expo and came back with a baby columbian xD. I have done my research and know of the difference between columbians and argentines, but I found one that was already rather tame. He's a baby so of course he takes off randomly and sometimes doesn't want to be held, but he hasn't wriggled out of my hands (except out of excitement) or tried to bite. Calmest little guy, even got him to eat some peices of strawberry right out of my hand with no issue. His name is Shikkoko, which means Jet Black in Japanese. I call him Shiko for short. Great little guy, gonna be amazing as an adult as long as I keep socializing him. I'm quite in love already and I love taking him out to run around my apartment lol. I "baby proof" the living room and let him go wherever he wants while I watch a movie or something and then find him after I finish. He usually ends up behind the couch, not surprisingly.

Ok, I'm going to stop babbling now. I only have one question about him, is there anything I should avoid feeding him at this point? I typically have a variety of fruits and I raise my own mealworms so I have some good sources for him, but I want to know how much I can branch out with the feeding. Thank you!

Here's a pic of the little guy xD