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Thread: Pricing for different tegu?

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    Default Pricing for different tegu?

    Hello everyone.

    What are some average prices for red tegu, black and white tegu, blue tegu, gold tegu, yellow tegu, and Colombian black and white tegu?

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    It can vary depending on the age and sex but Reds are usually around 250, B&Ws 150, Blues 300, Goldens / Colombians around 50. But all of that varies from one animal and person selling them to the next. Oh and Yellow tegus are not in the pet trade as far as I know.
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    Thank you, that actually exactly what I thought.

    Tegu terra is asking 400 for blues!

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    Tegu Terra is offering possible hets for albino for 400. They told me they will not be available for a couple months.

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    Color morph doesn't really matter to me. Could One that isn't a special morph less expensive?


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