I have been reading up on this forum for a few days now on my phone. I have learned a few things about the enclosures, but there are a few, that either had been mentioned, but I might have seen.

Kody, to me, is getting too small or his tank. I would like to get a simple furniture build. Something that has sliding doors/windows for front, and wood for the surround. The only wood I can seem to find is pine. There are soooooo many people warning against it, but did read a scientific background somewhere here that pine may not be toxic unless there is an allergy. In any rate, I would like to choose wood. So my question is. What can I do for the inside that will help the 'toxicity' of the pine?.

I read you can use the below on the inside to water proof, but would these also work to create a barrier between Kodie and the wood and can you get them in clear? Note: I am not the one building it, I am the one making the pretty happen LOL.

Behr Masonry Sealer (which have colours)
Epoxy (heard to find and is pricey apparently)
Marine Poly (no clue where to even start to find pricing with that)
Helmsman Spar Urethane

Also, I am what my boyfriend calls artsy-fartsy. I have seen how to make back drops out of Styrofoam and cement. I know that will not last with our scratcher. So, when we had our Beardy I was thinking about making a larger hide box out of Hypertufa. Does anyone know if that is ok with Tegus? I don't see why you could use it for one reptile and not another, but I want to be safe. Kody needs a LARGE hidey hole and I would like to make it myself. Any ideas would be great if you have them.

Paint. I would like to get a painted back drop inside the enclosure, prior to sealing it... I read the list of colours to be aware of... Sort of scary! With me being from Canada, do Canadian paints have the same issues, even if it states low VOC? We shouldn't have lead in our paint anymore. but the other chemicals seemed pretty scary. In short, what brand of paint is recommended for painting prior to sealing?

There might be some other questions I have, but right now I think I covered everything.

Thanks again!