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    Hi I am new to the tegu world. interested in getting a tegu soon. had a few question thought I try here for answers. 1) can I start with a 40 gallon breeder tank for a hatchling or should I build a cage 4x2x2 or 4x3x3. 2) I have a double deep dome light fixture will the tegu receive the right amount of uvb in there with the basking bulb? 3) if I build a cage with the top open will that work? thanks

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    I don't know much about tegus, but I think a 40 breeder would work for a very short time for a hatchling. They get big, and they get big fast. The dimensions that you gave above for a custom cage are not nearly big enough for an adult. For an adult, you need to looking at a floor space of at least 8x4.

    As for the lights, what kind of UVB bulb are you using? Stay away from the compact fluorescent bulbs, coiled bulbs, and full spectrum. Full spectrum doesn't produce any UVB and the compact and coil bulbs can cause eye problems. Instead, you should probably use a Mercury Vapor Bulb. These combine heat, UVA, and UVB in one bulb. They also produce a lot of heat, making them ideal for reptiles that need a hot basking spot. Two really good ones are the Zoo Med Powersun and the Mega Ray from ReptileUV.

    Please research as much as possible on tegus before you buy one.
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