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Thread: hibernation. not sure if tegu is or not going to?

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    Default hibernation. not sure if tegu is or not going to?

    ok my little naga has been showing some signs that she might going in to hibernation but then she is showing signs that she is not like yesterday she was sleeping most the day but today she trashed her cage and wanted out to walk around and hang with me

    if she is going in to hibernation is it ok that she still has shed on her tail going into it?

    and she still wanted food all the time and i know that its not a good thing for them to have food in there belly but i would think that she wouldnt eat has she is going in to hibernation

    im still not sure if she is going to or not even as i type this she is walking on me wanting me to play with her abit

    any help would be great
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    Hi chaos-carl. I'm so sorry for the late reply. Some Tegus go into full hibernation and some just slow down ( eating and coming out ). As long as she is still basking and wanting to eat I would let her. If she is going to full hibernation she will stop eating. I would give her some luke warm/warm baths to get the shed off. But I would not pull on the shed.
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