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    Hi everyone this is my second time owning a tegu. The first time was a bad experience with a wc b&w that didn't eat and lots of vet visits until the poor thing died. I am a panther chameleon breeder and snake breeder and have always wanted one of these awesome animals. I have him/her right now set up in a 40 gal. Breeder tank with cypress mulch bedding large water bowl and a hide and a 100 watt power of the sun bulb for heat and UVB rays. First week I gave him his space and he only eat a few crickets in his enclosure second week we offered ground turkey,grapes,beef liver and hard boiled egg. He only eat a few bites of the egg and throws a fit when we try to get him out .we tried the feed tub one time and he just huffed and puffed the whole time. Week three we can get him out still showing attitude and huffing and puffing and only wanting pinky mice from tongs in his enclosure I know it's not the best food but I thought it was better then nothing stopped offering pinks and back to the ground turkey and everything else will still no interest so we decide to start getting him out every other day to socialize with use letting him hang out in the couch and he would just bury under use or a Blanket and huff and every once in a while come out and see what's going on we did this for a hour every other day trying not to stress him to much. Now we are on week four he doesn't want to be touched held or even looked at (lol tegus and there attitudes) I got some gloves and started getting him out even though he is throwing a fit and trying the feed tub he will not eat in there as of yet so I have him a break from pulling him out to hang out with us on the couch so to not stress him anymore and to try and get him use to a feeding tub it's the end of the week now and he hasn't eaten so I give in and feed him well gut load dubia dusted with repcal d3 and herptivite in his enclose from a cup and he eats them and super worms. But one thing that bothered me all week is he was looking and thinking my hand his food even coming after my hand on the other side of the glass opening his mouth like he wants a bite so now that tells me more then ever I need to change things and make it work some how. I am also unsure of age and sex so any tips there and any were else would be great. I have also tried all foods warmed in water before feeding and right out of the fridge I didn't know if that matters.

    Also I raise my own rodents,chickens,eggs,and feeder insects like dubia,giant peppered roaches,Halloween hissers,discoids and many others they are all gut load well with a dry grain mix mustered greens, bug burger, carrots, sweet potato, oranges and lots of other good things. Again any help and info would be great and any info on what step we need to do to get him use to being out with use would be good to.

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    Just tried raw salmon and he eat it. So he/she is just being picky I think.

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    Quote Originally Posted by texas ranger View Post
    Just tried raw salmon and he eat it. So he/she is just being picky I think.
    Every tegu is different, they really do have preferences when it comes to food and you have to discover your tegu's preferences. My tegu Yoshi loves cherries and fruits but wont touch any greens or veggies.

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    He is eatting in his tub now just fine he like tuna and salmon but that's about it right now. But over the past few days he has gotten very aggressive tail whipping and rolling when I try to pick him up. Idk if that's just part of calming the beast so to say or what really to do about it.

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    It took a while for my tegu to get use to it just be consistent like papabean said they are all different. He prolly feels treated and scared. Good luck
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    Hi texas ranger. I am so sorry for the very late reply. How is he doing now ? Is he less picky with his/her food ? Since he/she is still so young it's hard to tell in the photos if it's a male or female.
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