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Thread: Hey guys new here and to my tegu.

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    Default Hey guys new here and to my tegu.

    So i have been into reptiles for a long time, have taken care of full grown iguana for 10 years then he passed and i moved on to others, most recently i had to find my Ackies a new home about a year ago and i was really hurt by it but my family needed the money at the time. Now where doing great and everything and even looking into getting a house soon. So i decided its time for another big lizard. we have been wanting a tegu for some time and i found this on on Clist for a god price and jumped on it.

    Here some pics.

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    super cute and tame

    with your exp with other reptiles im glad to know he/she is in a good home
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    Hi civicdemon. Welcome to our Tegu forum family and congrats on your new Tegu. He/she is very cute. I love the last photo . I'm glad things are going better for you. Sorry for the very late reply.
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