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Thread: Had to take this little girl home.

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    Default Had to take this little girl home.

    Went to my normal reptile store to get feeders for my 14 snakes and saw this poor girl, she is missing the tips of two of her toes , has a kink in her tail , missing some spikes from her tail and feels a little under weight, I'm assuming the toes are due to stuck sheds cause I pulled like 4 layers of shed skin from a couple toes..I guess her story is she was owned by a young boy and his parents made him give her up when they finally realized he wasn't taking very good care of her. She is very sweet , she allowed me to walk around the store with her on my shoulder for over an hour , she will even let you hold her head in your hand and pet the side of her face. Hopefully her weight will come up with lots of good feeding. I really wasn't looking for another big lizard since I already have 2 baby tegu but she needs a good home and I have the space and time for her.20141116_180607.jpg20141116_172249.jpg

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    She looks really sweet. I hope recovery goes well for her.

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    Thank you so do I.

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    I'm so glad this poor baby has a good home with you now. Thank you for helping her out. I wish you two the best. Please keep us posted.
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    So a little update , this sweet girl sat on my shoulder this morning while I fed my 14 snakes , 3 geckos,2 tegu and 1 red eyed crocodile skink and loved it she actually rubbed her head against my neck. When I came home from work I handled her again while doing my animal chores and she has perked up a lot , so I think she already knows she is in a better place.

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    She looks pretty comfortable tonite. She must be feeling safe.
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