Went to my normal reptile store to get feeders for my 14 snakes and saw this poor girl, she is missing the tips of two of her toes , has a kink in her tail , missing some spikes from her tail and feels a little under weight, I'm assuming the toes are due to stuck sheds cause I pulled like 4 layers of shed skin from a couple toes..I guess her story is she was owned by a young boy and his parents made him give her up when they finally realized he wasn't taking very good care of her. She is very sweet , she allowed me to walk around the store with her on my shoulder for over an hour , she will even let you hold her head in your hand and pet the side of her face. Hopefully her weight will come up with lots of good feeding. I really wasn't looking for another big lizard since I already have 2 baby tegu but she needs a good home and I have the space and time for her.20141116_180607.jpg20141116_172249.jpg