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    Default Please please please help :''(

    Hi everyone

    My tegu got bit by my pet rat. Pictures down below.

    I have an Argentine Black and White tegu that's under a year and I keep his enclosure on the ground in the living room. My two pet rats are kept at the end of my kitchen counter. I let them roam on the counter for a few hours everyday and then they go back in their cage. I live in a townhouse so the living room and kitchen are one.

    My tegu was free roaming the house (one door of his enclosure is kept open during the day) when I heard my tegu thrashing around and a loud screech from one of my rats, and when I came downstairs I found the rat at the far corner of the room and my tegu under the couch. My rat not only broke out of his cage but fell from the counter to the ground. The rat is fine but when I picked up my tegu, he was kind of in shock and the corner of one of his eyes is bleeding a little bit. He is acting a bit slow and has eaten but will he be okay?

    I feel SO bad, I'm guilt-ridden that I let that happen.


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    First I would like to say that your Tegu is very cute. Don't be so hard on your self. Things happen to all of us. I'm not sure if it's a bite or just a scratch. I would keep the wound clean. This type of wound is a bit harder to clean than others because it's by the eye. I would call your vet and see what they say you should do. For now I would just rinse the eye out a few times a day with just plain tap water (luke warm). Maybe it's best not to keep him on any substrate so it doesn't get inside the wound and get it infected. Please keep us posted on how he is doing. Thank you.
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