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Thread: Excited new gu mom

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    Default Excited new gu mom

    I am very excited to join this forum of fellow tegu fans.
    I have wanted a gu for about a decade now, but the hubby always said no, up until a week ago! I had talked him into allowing me to get a sailfin dragon for our teenage son for Christmas, (why he would agree to the sailfin but not a gu, I have no idea). Well, to make a long story short, after ordering a baby online, getting a temporary enclosure all set up and ready to go, etc etc, the seller informed me that they had to cancel my order because they were no longer available. Couldn't find one ANYWHERE and my son (and me too) was crushed. So I started looking for an alternative, and everything kept coming back to tegus. I couldn't deny it, that was the lizard for us. I had wanted a B&W for many years. On the way to the grocery store I decided to swing by PETCO (I know, I know, but that is the ONLY pet store in Cheyenne) just to see what they had, and low and behold there was baby gu. I have never seen one in this store before, so I took this as a sign. It looked healthy, and was quite calm. The only down side was that it was a Columbian, not an Argentine. But, miricle of miricles, my hubby actually said "go ahead and get it", so I did!
    So far everything is going just great. Eats well, and doesn't mind being handled, except for yesterday, which I will explain in a separate post. Hoping to start construction on new enclosure in the next few weeks. As I type this he is curled up on the back of my neck. He seems to really enjoy hiding in my collar and under my hair!

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    Sounds like it was meant to be . I'm sure your husband will bond with the Tegu sooner or later, too. They are awesome lizards. Tegus love to hide (you already found that our). Please be very careful that he/she doesn't jump of your neck and get hurt. If you want to you can try my shirt trick. This way you can walk around, too, and not worry about him/her falling down. Please keep us updated on how things are going with your Tegu. Thank you.

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