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Thread: "terrible twos"?

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    Default "terrible twos"?

    Hello All,
    I am new to the forum and a new tegu mom. Just got a new baby columbian a little over a week ago. I remember seeing a video somewhere on youtube by a breeder where he was talking about a stage they go through when they are young when they become quite agressive/defensive. The guy was saying that it is the age in which in the wild they would be coming out of their safe hiding spots in the tree branches and venturing to the ground. Because they are still quite small, they are vulnerable and so become very defensive and agressive at this stage. This seems perfectly logical, but I haven't seen anything anywhere else talking about this development stage. Also I can't for the life of me remember what age this is supposed to occure, or how long it lasts. Is anyone here familiar with this?

    Also, do tegus normally become cranky when they shed? My baby has been super calm, snuggly, and easy going since day one... up until yesterday. S/he was shedding, and I when I went to get him (her?) out for feeding and snuggle/exercise time, he ran away from me (first time ever). Normally when I feed him, I have been hand feeding. S/He seemed to eat better that way, but yesterday, when I held out the little ground turkey ball, he went right around the food, zeroed in on my thumb, and the little bugger bit me! Not hard at all, in fact I barely felt it, but it's the thought that counts, as they say, and that was definatley NOT a warm, fuzzy thought! Today it appears the shed is done, and although s/he (can't wait till it's old enough to tell which pronoun to use!!!!) and although he didn't seem as happy to be picked up as before, there was no agression, and s/he is presently curled up sleeping on the back of my neck.
    So is this normal during shedding, or is this the beginning of the agressive stage, or what?

    Also, how long of a time period should I have him out at this stage? I am not sure how old he is, but from videos I've seen of other babies, I would guess not more than 3 months. nose to tip of tail he's not much more than 12", tops, probably less. I want to spend as much time with him as I can, but how much is too much? I'm attaching a pic of him/her. I have very small hands, like average 10 yr old size, to give you an idea of his size
    baby Gu.jpg

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    Hi kac13. Welcome to our Tegu forum family and congrats on your new Tegu. He/she is very cute . To be honest with you I don't know what the normal size would be for a Columbian Tegu. I/we just have Argentine Tegus. I know that a lot/most Tegus slow down on eating when they are in the shedding stage. Some of ours got a bit moody, too, at the beginning. When they are older they also get moody when it's breeding season (like our Leonidas did in the video below). I hand feed our Tegus, too. Sometimes when they are very hungry they go for the food a bit faster and lightly bit me also. So what I started to do is let them eat the first few bites on their own and then I hand feed them.

    He has just done this two times in the 7 years that we have him:

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