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    Hi All

    I've a new Tegu (Priscus) and there is a little bit of a story behind things so I could do with some advice.

    He's 23" long nose to tail and I am feeding him on salmon, mealworms, crickets, quail eggs (occasionally) fuzzies dusted with Nutrobal. I have tried fruit but he isnt interested.

    He seems to be losing weight and will not stay in his viv - I dont think he likes the UVA/UVB fluorescent bulb in there - along with the 100w ceramic for heat and the basking spot. The viv is a 3x2 which gives him a fair amount of space. I am using coir bedding and misting every couple of days. I am not sure if the weight loss is to do with his moving around more.

    All he wants to do is sit on the floor in front of the halogen incandescent heater - he scratches violently at the wall when he is in the viv, or rubs his face on the glass - I have had him about a month.

    Im just worried about him since I am hearing horror stories left right and centre and none of the information I read seems to make sense or agree on anything...

    It also doesnt help that I have problems with anxiety as it is (suspected adrenal fatigue as a result of severe stress) and it didnt help there is family stress involved and that the shop I bought him delivered him - basically put him in my hands and left - at which point I found he'd lost a part of one two and had dry shed - on top of a varanid care sheet which as far as I can tell isnt remotely appropriate.

    If anyone has any suggestions... thanks in advance...
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