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    Hi guys, not sure what this is, so thought I'd ask here before going to a vet but found what looks like dry skin at the base of my tegu's tail


    Not sure if you can see it clearly from the picture but there's a patch of skin that looks cloudy and dry (kinda looks like the reflection of a flash in this pic) she shed a couple weeks ago and it wasn't there then but noticed it 2-3 days ago. Any ideas what this might be?

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    It does look like stuck on shed. When she sheds do you pull on the skin to help it come off ? Or do you just rub over it and see if it comes off ? Sometimes when the shed isn't ready to come off yet but it's being pulled off the new skin underneath can get damages. If this happens it will take a little while for it to heal and for it to start shedding normal again. Have you tried soaking her in some luke warm/warm water every day for a few minutes ? You can try to put some mineral oil on it. If you do this I recommend having her in a clean enclosure with no substrate in it so the dirt doesn't get stuck on the oil and it will dry out the oil. One of Tegus had a bad shedding problem after hibernation and the dry skin cut a bit into the tail but it wasn't bleeding. I put her in a humid box (plastic bin with some holes drilled into the lid and a human heating pad set on medium ) and put some cherry chap stick on the tail after she soaked in the tub. I asked the Vet about the chap stick and he sad it's not toxic and it's ok for me to use it on her. A week later the entire tail shed came off and she was fine. You also can use some udder cream.
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