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Thread: [ Deja & Ukraine ] Welcome the Tegu!

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    Talking [ Deja & Ukraine ] Welcome the Tegu!

    *rustles self out of the bushes*
    So, I have finally got off my carcass to actually type this out and welcome myself and my lovely to this community.

    The name is Deja (or so I call myself online) and I am a full-time employee at a pet store and going into my Bachelors Degree in Animal Science (or Veterinary Medicine, depending).

    I am a proud and obsessive owner of a Black & White Argentine Tegu.

    Sometime in August or September of 2014, I had met the most wonderful thing of all things. She was just barely a foot long (maybe even less than a foot) and had one of the largest attitude problems I have ever seen in a young reptile. She bit one of my managers, always tail whipped everyone and everything. She always had to cause a scene. Throwing dirt. Hissing. Acting all tough and scary like she was supposed to be, well, scary. A $200 hot mess of angst and young reptilian problems. Like some teenagers. *shudders*

    This brooding little juvenile somehow stole my heart! I spent every day I worked gawking over her, handling her, showing her I wasn't going to eat her (as tasty as some people may think she would be). I would take her out to let her swim in the planted tank we have at work (no fish, just plants). I'd give her extra crickets, mealie-worms, and even sneak in a few veggies (when she'd actually eat them). She started trusting me, instead of tail whips, I'd get nose nuzzles. She still was hesitant, but finally on October 14th, 2014, I made the crazy decision of buying that young Tegu from my work.

    It was absolutely the best decision I have ever made. Ever.

    As of late January, early February, she is now completely potty trained! She only will use the bathroom outside of her tank (she prefers the bathtub for some odd reason). She can, and has, completely cohabitate with Green Bahama Anoles ... until I forget to feed her for a few days because of a crazy work-school week. Oops. Poor Steve and Larry.

    I've only really ever had one issue with her and that was when she decided to get sick with TWO parasites. It was horrible. I went to an amazing Animal Hospital and they worked with me to make sure she got the proper, perfect care, without breaking my bank. Not like I wouldn't spend whatever it would take to make sure my baby is okay, but it was definitely convenient. In the end, we were able to gather she got the parasites from the food she was being fed, and that's caused me to be a little wary of what on earth I'm shoving down her throat (not literally). Oh my gosh, listen to my ramble... I am currently working on getting her Vitamin D3 levels down, since she gets too much Vitamin D. *shakes fists* She's just -too- healthy now.

    Other than that adventure with the vet, that cost me more than she did, I did get her at an awesome discounted price, but ... still ... My saving on her initial purchase made these vet bills seem not so awful. I consider it making up for the fact that she was on sale. Anyway. Other than me rambling insistently over my absolute adoration for this creature, I just came here to show her off and I thought I'd actually make myself an account here since I used these forums for quite a bit of my research before actually biting the bullet and buying her (and then owning her and learning the dos and don'ts and blah, blah, blah).

    She's been an absolute blessing. Much more work than my Leopard Gecko, Russia, that's for sure.

    Name - Ukraine
    Born (est) - July 2014
    Purchased - October 14, 2014
    Size when bought - ~10 to 12 inches
    Size as of 2/16/15 - ~17 inches
    Age (est) - 6 to 9 months
    Current Weight - 156 grams
    Terrarium Size - 40 gallon
    Humidity - 50% to 70%
    Temperature (day) - 85 to 95
    Temperature (night) - 70 to 80
    Diet - Crickets, Mealworms, Anoles, Pinkies, Veggies & Fruits*
    *Fruits & Veggies a few times a week, if that. She gets constipated if she eats too many in a sitting. Her favourite is Strawberries and Orange Bell Peppers, though. ~
    Likes - Me, car rides, bathtub swims, burrowing, sleeping with rocks over her head, chasing crickets, getting coconut oil rubs, getting nose pets, rearranging all her decor

    Dislikes - Other people touching her when I'm not around, shedding, being woken up, not being able to rearrange her room.

    -- Deja & Ukraine

    PS: I will post more pictures after my computer to stop being a jerk. :)

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    Hi Deja. Welcome to our Tegu forum family and congrats on getting Ukraine. She is so cute. Thank you for posting the photo. Can't wait to see some more. Please feel free to ask us as many questions as you like.
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