I am going to make a new basking platform as for some reason the one I have now with ceramic tile doesn't "hold heat" well, and makes me need high wattage bulbs (3 bulbs in cluster) to get the surface temperature to 110. I don't know if it is because it is light in color or the material.

I have been reading on what better materials to use and I don't know whether half inch thick slate tile or one and one eighth inch thick cement paver blocks. I can also get 2 inch thick slabs of granite from a road construction company, as well as "artificial" stone.

I've been reading up on specific heat capacity and thermal mass and conductivity of materials and dark color absorbing more radiation etc. and quite frankly my head is spinning. Any scientists here?

Consequently, how far in inches are your heat lights from your tegu's back? I am not talking about the distance from fixture to floor. I am talking about from the highest part of the lizard when laying down, to the LOWEST part/face of the bulb.