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    hello, in may I am going on vacation for almost 3 weeks, ive been trying to find someone to care for all of my pets, but its been hard because i have alot and it seems like too much for anyone i know to be able to do, so im hesitant about leaving them, but the ones i'm more worried about are my gold tegu, Argentine tegu, savannah monitor and iguana. theyre not too big at all, about a foot or so. so i was wondering what are some things i can do for the person who will be taking care of them, or if i had to i could take a couple, i kinda wanted to take my gold tegu because i don't want him to go that long without being handled, hes still not that tame. but if i were to take him, what is the easiest and smallest temporary setup i could put him in. but i dont want to take him if it will stress him out, so im pretty conflicted on what to do, because i also have cats,birds,chameleons,beardies, leopard geckos, frogs/toads,fish, rabbits, ferrets and rats that need to be cared for. im going to be paying someone to come over every other day or so, but i'd like to setup everything so its just very simple for them, any advice?

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    Wow dude, you've got your own zoo over there. I think you're going to have a hard time trying to bring more than one animal with you... and even 1 is going to be difficult, possibly very difficult depending on how you will be traveling and where. We've traveled with Mac before, but its not something I would recommend unless you are sure u know what ur doing. Since you definitely are going to need somebody to come by and take care of other animals, I'd recommend you just leave them all and have somebody knowledgeable that you trust come take care of them. You might notice a small setback in the taming process if they are not handled for 3 weeks, but not much...after you've been back a week and handling them again regularly they will be back to normal.
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    thanks for the reply!! yeah i feel like taking any of them would probably stress them out anyways, and i dont want to do that!! do you have any tips on how i can make it easier for the caretaker? since i have so many animals she is going to be busy and i want to make it all as simple and easy as possible, you know? like what would be the easiest food, etc. and im going to have those timer strips for the lights and leave extra bulbs just in case, and im thinking i'll leave a few shirts that ive worn in their enclosures, but idk what else to do, im so nervous to leave all of my babies!! so i wanna make sure it all goes well.

    p.s. my argentine is still in hibernation and ive never had a tegu hibernate before so he should most likely be awake by then, correct?


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