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Thread: Mazuri diet recall

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    Default Mazuri diet recall

    I realize this isn't exactly the perfect forum heading for this, but it was the most appropriate one that I could think of.

    Don't know if many of you use any Mazuri diet feeds with any of your animals (tegu or otherwise) but there has been a growing recall of Mazuri products due to an overabundance of vitamin D in them.

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    No, I don't use it. But thank you for posting the information.
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    For the people who do used it, do you feed the crocodile diet or tortoise diet or both? I feed it to my tortoises and it's great when you're in a rush or if i'm out of fresh food. When I get a tegu I plan on supplementing it's diet with it.

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    For supplementing tegu diet, you would use croc diet. I think they have a new carnivore supplement. I also like Repashy Meat Pie.
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    Thank you. Ill have to order some.


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