Firstly, be happy for Ukraine.
She finally decided to poop after refusing to do so for a few days. *shakes fists*
She's happily potty trained, but is very water-temperature specific. If it isn't the right depth or temperature, she won't swim or do the do. So picky. But I love her!!

And secondly, my lovely little fattie absolutely adores her food. Mealworms, waxworms, crickets, turkey, veggies (sometimes), and fruits (barely).

But I want to continue to diversify her diet, make sure she gets everything she needs without having to over supplement. (We just got over having too much D3, would like to not have any more problems. Haha.)

What do you think of feeder reptiles?
Things like Anoles, House Geckos, etc?
Yey? Ney? Treat? Weekly? Never? All the time?

I'm mostly curious.
Ukraine has eaten 4 anoles in the last ... 3 months?
It was a test to see if she likes them, and she does, but you know ... That's an $8 meal. Heh.