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Thread: Curious - anyone else's tegu spit out shed-looking mouth crusties after sleeping?

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    Question Curious - anyone else's tegu spit out shed-looking mouth crusties after sleeping?

    Okay this is a hard thing to describe - after a good sleep, my tegu will lick and lick to get rid of a small sliver of what looks like dried spit from some part of his mouth - usually two will come out. Kind of like how we humans have crusty stuff in our eyes after sleeping. He's done this his whole life and is healthy. Anyone else's do this?

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    They continuously shed some lining in their mouth, honestly I don't really know exactly where they are from, but somewhere in the mouth. There are always two, presumably one from each side. My tegu usually leaves them in his water bowl so you can actually see what they look like, they are long, narrow, translucent strips. Your tegu just has a different disposal method. I'm sure that is all it is, especially if it is a fairly regular occurrence.

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    Those linings that dpjm is talking about are located on each side of the mouth (on the outside) in the corners. Sometimes those linings can have a bit of a odor and sometimes they don't smell at all. Maybe he is licking them because he is about to shed and wants to get them off.
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    Oh cool - yea I could tell it seemed like some normal thing. Very curious... glad I know!


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