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Thread: Meat-cicles for Red Tegu

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    Default Meat-cicles for Red Tegu

    Curious, have any of you guys heard of feeding Meat-cicles to your Tegus?
    Meat-cicles are frozen clumps of meat, veggies & fruit held together by some liquid, usually egg.
    I've tried it one time with my Red Tegu, her Meat-cicles were made of ground turkey, a little beef liver, super worms and an egg. I gave her 3 ice cube Meat-cicles and she devoured them voraciously. I was hesitant at first because of the cold of the Meat-cicles ice cube (Even though when i feed her a whole egg, she prefers her eggs refrigerator temperature rather than room temperature.) but she smelled it via her tongue flicking and went immediately over and picked it up and ate it and search for the other 2. I watched her carefully as she was walking around the yard to ensure there were no negative side effects of the cold food, and there were none. At the time, she was walking around in 80 - 85 F heat outside.

    What are your thoughts?
    Who has tried these Meat-cicles feedings?

    How to make Meat-cicles:
    ~get an ice cube tray.
    ~get desired meats, veggies, fruit, etc.
    ~cut/ blend ingredients as desired.
    ~fill ice cube tray. (1/2 way filled seems to be the right size for smaller tegus)
    ~let freeze.
    ~feed to Tegu.

    Meat-cicles (1).jpg
    Meat-cicles (2).jpg
    Meat-cicles (3).jpg
    Meat-cicles (4).jpg
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