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Thread: you trying to catch wild reptiles.

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    Default you trying to catch wild reptiles.

    sorry but none of you fools know about feild herping... just go back to your petshop and feeders.
    who me...
    caught wild veild chameleons
    wild 5ft+ green iguanas
    spiny tail iguanas
    pigmy dusky rattlesnake
    cuban knights
    nile monitors
    american alligators
    boas and pythons.
    and a menagerie of little lizards and geckos
    including hatian curly tail and tokay geckos.
    and yes i know where to see all these things in the course of 48 hours.
    wild reptiles are not your petshop reptile, they want to get away or fight.

    if you live in florida and ur cool with getting down dirty and jumping into the bush. ive been doing this for 15 years.
    let me know i go herping as much as i can, i dont give out information...

    if you like exotic fishing, also let know.
    oscars, mayans, jewels, and clown knife fish.

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    you're totally right. field herping is a different experience.
    florida sounds awesome as far as wild herps go.
    new jersey's not as impressive but we've got some cool stuff.
    this summer i got lucky (right place right time) and saw a bunch of terapins laying their eggs.

    went to NC in august too, to look for red pygmys, but came up empty handed. guess i just gotta keep trying each summer haha.

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    I dont live in a florida but you should come down here to AZ. haha. We got some stuff here for you.

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    anyone can type that they have caught all that stuff, as for me i need pics to believe it, prove me wrong

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    Quote Originally Posted by AmeivaBoy
    anyone can type that they have caught all that stuff, as for me i need pics to believe it, prove me wrong
    I agree

    One time I caught a unicorn, but my flash didnt go off so I couldnt get a picture.

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    why would he make an entire thread if he didn't actually do that stuff? Pics would be cool though.....

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    so, did you keep all these animals you caught, or just photograph them or what? i hope you didn't keep them. although i guess taking non-native species like the iguanas and niles is ok. most wild reptiles are already under pressure from habitat loss, and sure don't need the added losses to their breeding populations caused by collectors.

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    Yes, you have "caught" interesting reptiles (also need proof here), but you don't have to be so rude to those who don't get the chance to do what you do. I've caught snakes (rat snakes and such), skinks, and little lizards here in TN. Just because they are not as known to people out there as being really cool (to others, just everyday lizards), doesn't mean that they aren't special in their own way. That's great that you have the opportunity to go out and catch those wonderful species, but let's be nice and just SHARE, not BOAST that you can catch better things.
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    ditto ^

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    What an ***...


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