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Thread: you trying to catch wild reptiles.

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    I don't want to be rude but good luck getting a response back for them. I haven't seen most off those members here on this forum for ages. Just thought I let you know . You are right. Wild animals should stay in the wild.
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    It is kinda funny how the guy that started this thread didn't have much to say when the others asked for
    before this thread I never heard of him. Now I know why! lol
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    In the reptile ''industry'' there are a lot of those ''smarta$$" that thinks that they know everything about the subject. It's easy to start a rumor, or something about a reptile because not a lot of people are knowledgable about this topic (especially in Quebec lol).

    It's easy to say things like : I catch all of those reptile in one day and blablabla, but this guy doesn't seems to have any proof or picture to support his field herping.

    I never saw this guy another time on, he was probably joking, pissed, stoned or something like that and wrote a thread that makes him a bad reputation and maybe , regret it.

    However, this guy doesn't seems on thetegu now, so the thread is closed, there are no points to write comment to this thread because the guy will probably never answer it.
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    I live right near a national nature preserve but the only thing out here to catch are gila monsters, tarantulas and rattle snakes. LOL


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