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    Hey everyone...I'm thinking about starting some breeding colonies for my soon to be tegu, and my mom's snakes.

    I have had experience with breeding hamsters before, so just wondering if they are ok to use, or would mice be better? Big reason I want to use them (and this might sound mean) but I'd feel a lot better feeding those little demons to the reptiles than mice. Hamsters don't like
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    LOL. Anyway, I don't own a Tegu just yet, but hopefully sometime soon. However I've owned tons of different reptiles in the past; (beardies, plated lizard, a lot of different boas/pythons/corn snakes/gopher snakes).

    With that in mind, I've used hamsters before and they're just the same...I don't see any difference at all. Rodent is a rodent in my opinion lol.

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    i agree but you will just have to feed them the babies at first. because theyu grow quite quick
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