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Thread: Some of my inverts

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swtbrat
    I also agree.

    I never in a million years thought I could have a lizard with a forked tongue like a snake.
    Even when I got my first Tegu he sorta gave me the creeps.
    My next step would be a snake because I really do have a fear of those.

    I've never been scared of snakes, but my father was. It's funny how he changed in regards to them. He used to think every snake in the wild was a rattlesnake or dangerous, and completely hated pythons. Then I bought a Jungle Carpet Python. The python and my dad connected. He even named it before I could. Every time I have him out, my dad wants to hold him.

    He's still kind of against me getting rattlesnakes, but not nearly to the level as he was a year ago. By next summer I'll probably be able to start keeping front-fanged venomous. So far I'm limited to rear-fangers, like Boiga catsnakes, False Water Cobras, or Hognoses.

    Amazing what some exposure can do. I've seen it happen with a lot of people I've met who gave reptiles or arachnids a shot. They come in afraid and leave with a different mentality.

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    You are asking for it from your animals. I've had arachids for years, and it is never a good idea to hold them unless it is necessary, or you are wanting to show off. There are no good justifications for doing it though.

    You have some "hot" specimens there. I'd watch keeping those Androctonus sp. The L. quinqestriatus is also quite the danger. The telson will have venom whether living or dead, so be careful. How old are you anyway? I hope you are at least 18 because you shouldn't have most of those animals if you aren't.

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    Awesome pictures!

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    ...startling pictures! I know they're animals, which I like, but I have a bad fear of spiders / scorpions.


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